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In the competitive world of Bitcoin mining, the drive to reduce operational costs is relentless. While power is easily the number one factor, maintenance and personnel to monitor and perform that maintenance are huge factors that increase overhead expenses. The ability of immersion cooling to significantly reduce maintenance costs is often forgotten in what appears initially to be a savings on capital expenditures when setting up a Bitcoin data center.  The new ASICE 2.0 tank is a groundbreaking design building on the core of Midas Immersion Cooling’s patented plenum and weir combination. This immersion cooling tank is not just an answer to lower maintenance costs, but also a big advantage in total data center management.



The maintenance challenge in Bitcoin mining stems primarily from overheating which leads to decreased performance and hardware damage1,2. Suggested preventative measures include controlling the ambient temperature, regular cleaning of the ventilation (especially fans), and proper hardware setup (particularly fans and heat sinks). Immersion cooling is the singular approach that manages to take care of these preventative measures. Ambient temperature is the actual cooling fluid, so it’s completely controlled. Fans are removed and no other regular cleaning is required, because the miner is protected from air, dirt, dust, etc. The concern for proper hardware setup or additional heat sinks is eliminated as the cooling fluid is intimately contacting the chips, enabling the most efficient cooling possible.


Embracing a more efficient, scalable, and sustainable cooling solution that allows miner maintenance to take a back seat to other important operations is simply obvious. 


Introducing the Midas ASICE 2.0 tank: A game changer.


The Midas ASICE 2.0 tank brings a suite of advantages that revolutionize cooling in the Bitcoin mining sector:

  • Increased cooling capacity: designed to handle the intense heat loads of bitcoin mining, the asice 2.0 tank offers significantly enhanced cooling capacity, ensuring that even the most power-intensive rigs operate at optimal temperatures.
  • Rapid, easy installation: time is money, especially in bitcoin mining. The asice 2.0 tank is engineered for quick and hassle-free installation, minimizing downtime and accelerating operational efficiency.
  • Easy maintenance: the tank is designed with user-friendly maintenance, ensuring that routine checks and servicing can be performed easily, reducing the technical burden on operators.
  • Operational confirmation: with built-in systems for operational confirmation, miners can have peace of mind, knowing that their rigs are functioning optimally within the cooling environment.
  • Minimize dielectric fluid contamination: the tank is specifically designed to reduce the contamination of the dielectric fluid, ensuring longer fluid life and consistent cooling performance.
  • Large deployment capability: the asice 2.0 tank can accommodate large-scale deployments, making it ideal for growing bitcoin mining operations seeking to expand their capacity.
  • Highest-density miner deployment: its design allows for the highest-density deployment of mining rigs, maximizing space efficiency and operational output.
  • No dielectric overflow: one of the key features of the asice 2.0 tank is its design to prevent dielectric overflow, a common issue in single-loop systems, ensuring a clean and safe operating environment.


The Impact of Midas ASICE 2.0 on Bitcoin Mining

The introduction of the Midas ASICE 2.0 tank represents a significant leap in Bitcoin mining technology. By addressing key challenges like heat management, installation complexity, and operational efficiency, this innovation is set to redefine the standards of Bitcoin mining operations. It aligns perfectly with the industry’s push towards more sustainable and cost-effective practices, making it a critical tool for anyone serious about staying competitive in Bitcoin mining.



The Midas ASICE 2.0 tank is not just a new piece of equipment; it’s a transformative solution for maintenance challenges in Bitcoin mining. It signifies a move towards more efficient, sustainable, and scalable mining operations. As the Bitcoin mining industry continues to evolve, the Midas ASICE 2.0 tank stands out as a beacon of innovation, guiding the way towards a cooler, more efficient future in digital currency mining.





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