Exploring the advancements in data center cooling: The 50U MIDAS XCI™ tank

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In data center technology, advancements are constantly being made to enhance efficiency and reliability. Among these innovations, the Midas 50U  tank sets itself apart for small and large installations. Let’s delve into what makes this immersion cooling tank a game-changer in data center cooling.

Efficiency and heat management with immersion cooling technology

One of the most pressing challenges in data centers today is managing the significant heat generated by modern hardware. The Midas 50U  tank addresses this issue head-on by efficiently dissipating heat. Through its patented plenum, weir, and control scheme combination, each tank can handle up to 150 kW (cooling water dependent). This means that data center operators can safeguard their investments while ensuring optimal performance over the long term.

Zero downtime

The Midas XCI™ 50U  tank is the only immersion cooling equipment system with redundant, hot-swappable cooling distribution units (CDUs). Each CDU provides up to 150 kW of cooling capacity, independently. If the operation of either CDU were compromised, it is replaced via dry disconnects in less than 10 minutes. When the permanently attached CDUs of other systems go down, all the tank’s hardware is immediately at risk until repairs can be made –  a design flaw representing a huge threat to your operations.

Adaptability and scalability for data center operations

Flexibility is key in the ever-evolving world of data centers. The Midas XCI™ 50U  tank offers a modular design that allows for seamless installation, whether a single tank or a large-scale deployment. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for many applications, from small enterprise setups to expansive HPC installations. Additionally, its scalability ensures that data centers can quickly expand and adapt to changing needs without sacrificing efficiency or performance.

Operational benefits of immersion cooling systems

Beyond its cooling capabilities, the Midas XCI™ 50U tank offers a range of benefits. An extensive sensor package monitoring temperatures, flowrates, and other vital data enable operational confirmation and control. Its integration with Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software streamlines operations and supports efficient monitoring and management.

Environmental and cost savings with immersion cooling for data centers

In addition to its operational advantages, the Midas XCI™ 50U tank delivers significant environmental and cost savings. Data center operators can lower capital and operating expenditures by reducing power consumption and optimizing resource utilization. This benefits the bottom line and contributes to sustainability efforts by minimizing energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint of data center operations.

Shaping the Future of Data Center Infrastructure

In conclusion, the Midas XCI™ 50U tank represents a significant data center cooling technology advancement. Its efficient heat management, adaptability, and operational benefits make it a compelling solution for data center operators looking to optimize performance, scalability, and resource utilization. As the demand for reliable and efficient data center solutions continues to grow, innovations like the Midas XCI™ 50U tank are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of data center infrastructure. Contact us to learn more.


Understanding energy efficiency in cooling systems

When it comes to technological advancements, energy efficiency is a critical concern, particularly in the field of cooling systems. Traditional air cooling methods have been the standard for years, especially in environments like data centers and electronic hardware facilities.

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