Revolutionizing ASIC mining: The Midas ASICE 2.0 Immersion Cooling Tank

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Have you ever faced the daunting challenge of keeping your ASIC miners cool, only to find yourself battling rising costs, inefficiencies, and the looming threat of equipment failure? Imagine a mining operation where these concerns are not just managed but virtually eliminated. This isn’t a pipe dream; it’s a reality made possible by the groundbreaking Midas ASICE 2.0 Immersion Cooling Equipment solution.

Crafted for excellence and efficiency

At the heart of the Midas ASICE 2.0 Tank lies a formidable 150 kW cooling capacity per tank, designed to accommodate ASIC miners of various sizes. Its dual-loop system is the key to optimal scalability, allowing for precise adjustments to meet the cooling needs of any mining operation, thereby presenting an enterprise-level solution that’s second to none in the ASIC mining realm.

Unparalleled performance meets scalability

The ASICE 2.0 Tank is tailored for large-scale deployments. Its modular design enhances scalability and ensures rapid deployment, enabling miners to scale operations efficiently without compromise. With an upgraded mechanical layout, including a larger pump and heat exchanger, and an enhanced oil pump skid and plenum design, it offers superior performance at a fraction of the cost.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Flexibility is at the core of the ASICE 2.0 Tank’s design. It offers customizable configurations and sensor packages, allowing operations to be tailored precisely to your needs. Its ergonomic design features a transparent lid for effortless monitoring. A proven North American supply chain ensures reliability and on-time delivery for large-scale operations.

The advantages that make a difference

Incorporating the Midas ASICE 2.0 Immersion Cooling system into your mining operations can dramatically lower energy, maintenance, and personnel costs, significantly reducing total cost of ownership. It’s designed to minimize dielectric fluid contamination and eliminate dielectric overflow, a common setback with single-loop systems. This innovation ensures the most efficient miner deployment and extends the life of ASIC miners.

A step towards greener mining

The ASICE 2.0 Tank is more than just an efficiency booster; it’s a stride towards more sustainable mining practices. Optimizing energy use and reducing maintenance demands embodies the shift toward environmentally friendly mining solutions. The overclocking capability for immersion-ready miners further underscores its efficiency, marking the Midas ASICE 2.0 Tank as a pivotal advancement in mining technology.

A future-proof mining solution

The Midas ASICE 2.0 Immersion Cooling Tank is a beacon of innovation in the ASIC mining industry. It offers unmatched cooling capacity, is engineered for scalability, and is optimized for minimal total cost of ownership. It is an essential tool for miners aiming to maximize efficiency and profitability, heralding a cooler, more sustainable, and efficient future for mining operations.

Are you ready to transform your mining operations and unlock unprecedented efficiency and sustainability? Download the detailed data sheet now  to explore the full capabilities of the Midas ASICE 2.0 Tank and learn how it can revolutionize your mining endeavors.


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