What is Immersion Cooling?

Immersion cooling is the process of removing heat from data servers and other components by submerging them in a non-conductive heat transfer liquid. Through years of research and development, Midas has enhanced this process to provide the most effective immersion cooling equipment solution on the market.

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immersion cooling

The MIDAS XCI System

Electronic components are submerged in a dielectric liquid where heat from the electronic components is transferred to the fluid. Pumps are used to flow the heated fluid to a heat exchanger, where it is cooled and cycled back into the enclosure.

immersion cooling tanks

Immersion Tank

The tank performs the function of a server rack. Designed to have everything necessary to run servers inside its footprint. Engineered to ensure dielectric fluid stays inside the tank and for efficient cable management.
immersion cooling technology


Designed to maximize server density and power efficiency with a minimal physical footprint, the MIDAS XCI System is over 1,200 times more efficient at dissipating heat than traditional air cooling methods. Each XCI immersion tank can be configured to cool up to 150 kW of compute power and can be located almost anywhere.

immersion cooling equipment

Cooling Module

A cooling module replaces the traditional cooling infrastructure. Hot-swappable modules can be rolled off for maintenance while a spare takes its place to maintain redundancy. This system provides
active redundancy and allows for concurrent maintainability. Additionally, dry disconnects enable clean and rapid module replacement.

Efficiency Benefits

Power Savings

10 %

Capex Savings

10 %

Space Savings

10 %
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Operational Benefits

Lower Power Consumption

Minimal Atmospheric Contaminants

No Server Fan Failures

Minimal Oxidation and Corrosion

Low Noise

High Water Usage Efficiency (WUE)

Technical Benefits

Future Proof




Redundancy & Concurrent Maintainability

Supremely Durable

Cooling Comparison

MIDAS vs Other Cooling Solutions

  • The only system that allows concurrent maintainability.

  • Modular design & scalability at any rate.

  • Upgrade or downgrade individual systems from 1N, 2N, or 2N+1 as needed.

  • Redundant cooling modules can be replaced in less than 10 minutes without tools.

  • Patented technology with superior heat transfer for maximum efficiency.

Immersion vs Air Cooled

Uptime Inst* Hyper / Colo Immersion
PUE 1.55 1.35 1.05
Standard Server Consumption 1000 W 1000 W 1000 W
Minus Fans (5%) 0 W 0 W 150 W
Actual Server Consumption 1000 W 1000 W 850 W
Cooling Consumption 550 W 350 W 42.5 W
Total Power Consumption 1500 W 1350 W 892.5 W
Immersion SAVINGS vs Air Cooled 42% 34% - -

*2022 Uptime Institute survey average

MIDAS vs Other Cooling Solutions

Cooling Technology Water Usage Efficiency Future Proof No Extreme Components Temperature Change No Humidity Issues IT Equipment Reliability Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) Capital Cost Typical PUE
Conventional Air Cooling 1.6
Air-Side 1.3 - 1.4
Water - Side Economization 1.4 - 1.5
Adiabatic (Evaporative) < 1.2
Liquid to the Chip < 1.2
Single Phase Dielectric Cooling < 1.05
2-Phase Dielectric Cooling < 1.05