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About Us

To talk about the history of Immersion Cooling is to talk about MIDAS. We dove into this incredible technology at the same time we founded and operated the first immersed cooling commercial data center in the world in 2010. Since then we have been focusing on improving and building upon the MIDAS XCI Immersion Cooling System which has led to patents being granted around the world.

Why Immersion Cooling?

We believe in the power of data and where it can take us. We believe immersion cooling is the future of data.

What we do?

We create optimal environments for data hardware manufacturers to innovate, and push the boundaries of HPC, AI, and Edge/Cloud hybrid solutions.

Why we do it?

Our patented Midas XCI immersion cooling tanks increase computational density, decrease power consumption, and eliminate 90% of cooling and infrastructure costs compared to air cooled environments.