Specially engineered for ASIC Mining.

  • Increased cooling capacity

  • Engineered for Large Scale deployments

  • Optimized for low TCO

  • Modular design for augmented scalability and unsurpassed speed of deployment

Better performance at a lower cost.


150 kW Cooling Capacity per Tank (cooling loop dependent)


2 Section and 3 Section Tank configurations to meet different ASIC miner sizes


Dual loop system for optimal scalability


Bringing an Enterprise level solution to the mining industry, the New ASICE 2.0 tank is specially engineered for ASIC Mining


Tanks run independently of each other and can be individually managed and configured

ASIC Tank Features

Improved oil pump skid design

  • Larger pump
  • Larger heat exchanger
  • Optimized mechanical layout

Improved plenum design

Customizable configurations

Customizable sensor packages

Immersion Cooling Equipment

Ergonomic design

Modular system

Transparent lid

Dual cooling loops

Redundant, North American supply chain

Patented technology

ASIC Tank Advantages

Immersion Cooling Equipment

Increased cooling capacity

Rapid, easy installation

Easy maintenance

Operational confirmation

Minimize dielectric fluid contamination

Large deployment capability

Highest-density miner deployment

NO dielectric overflow (single loop disadvantage)

ASIC Tank Benefits

Lower mining energy costs

Lower maintenance costs

Lower personnel costs

Longer ASIC miner lifetime

Lower total cost of ownership

On-time delivery at scale

Overclocking of immersion-ready miners

Maximize Safety

Minimize Liability

Immersion Cooling Tank

MIDAS ASICE 2.0 Specifications

Model Universal S19 Performance
Heat Dissipation Capacity Up to 150 kW
Miner Capacity 32 (S19), 26 (M36 / M56) 32 (S19) 20 (M36 / M56)
System Power Consumption 3 kW 2 kW
Water Connection 2" NPT
Ambien Heat Loss 0.5 - 2 kW
Liquid Volume 215 gal 175 gal 120 gal
Cooling Module Power Requirement 480 / 3 / 15 60 Hz
Footprint 97 x 34 97 x 34 64 x 28
Network Analog, SNMP, SNTP, Modbus and DHCP options available
Customization Different control and sensor upgrades available
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