Immersion Cooling & Crypto Presentation Video

Immersion Cooling & Crypto

Bringing an Enterprise level solution to the mining industry, the Midas ASIC crypto tank is specially engineered for ASIC Mining.

  • Server Support
    • Capable of fitting 36 whatsminer M20 or M30S (2 Section)
    • Capable of fitting 33 antminer/bitmain S19 Pros (3 Section)
    • Different miner quantities can be fit according to miner selection.
  • Immersion Cooling removes air contaminants such as dust, humidity and noise. 

  • Extend the life of the miners by eliminating contaminants, heat and corrosion. 

  • All around cooling solution

  • Very few site requirements, almost any building is good enough.

  • System integrates to any controller for remote control

  • Up to 45MW manufacturing capacity per week

  • UL Listed

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