Immersion Cooling w/ Immersion Edge

Leslie Haas of Whatsminer Micro BT sits down with Jim Koen from Immersion Edge to discuss why Immersion Cooling is the sustainable choice for the environment.

Concurrent Maintainability

The unique design of the MidasXCI system puts you in a position to never have to test backups for cooling and always stay up and running through failover and maintenance!

Slow Flow

Slow is smooth! Smooth is fast! Heat layering is a thing of the past!

Water in your server? No Problem!!

Think you know what happens when you mix water and electronics? Watch this video and change your mind! We introduce “WATER”, with red food coloring, into our tank containing Engineered Fluids Dielectric and servers! Results are amazing!

Cost Savings

It’s all about $$$$! Twice as much in half the space for less money! ROI is NOW!